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Chair’s welcome




Corporate governance developments including the FRC’s review of the UK Corporate Governance Code

  • Direction of travel for corporate governance
  • Principles behind corporate governance consultation
  • The investor’s perspective
  • Section 172 and stakeholder engagement




Breakout sessions

A choice of one of the following options

1. MAR: a practical perspective one year on

  • The market soundings regime and its effects on capital markets activity / capital raising by corporates
  • Evolving market practice and industry engagement with the FCA and ESMA
  • Practically, what process and procedures have we put in place to respond to MAR
  • Where are we finding the “sticking points”?

2. Controlling your career

  • The path to become a trusted advisor
  • The role of the chief governance officer
  • It isn’t all about governance these days
  • What will the role look like in 10 years’ time?

3. How will technology impact on company secretarial teams?


Breakout sessions

A choice of one of the following options

4. Corporate crime

  • Corporate liability – UK and US developments
  • Director’s liability – UK and US developments
  • Educating the board

5. The company secretary: managing expectations and potential conflicts as independent advisor to the board and the executive committee

6. Data collection, collation and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation

An interactive group session to discuss and create solutions to GDPR challenges

7. Remuneration

  • Lessons learned from last year’s season
  • Shareholder reaction
  • Year-end decisions
  • Government response to green paper




Board composition, diversity and evaluation: is your board fit for purpose?

  • Skills and experience
  • Current and future challenges
  • Diversity as a strategic enabler
  • Unconscious bias in the work place
  • Board and executive succession planning
  • Parker review


Breakout sessions

A choice of one of the following options

8. Subsidiary governance

  • Subsidiary governance – why it is of increasing importance?
  • The regulated environment and the Senior Managers Regime
  • Learning lessons for all corporates

9. Corporate reporting

  • Collaborating within the business to produce effective reporting
  • Presenting your business to the world: websites and social media
  • Are you telling the “Whole Story”?
  • Reporting on activities of the nomination committee

10. Director’s duties and shareholder activism

  • Taking stock: Where are we now and how did we get here?
  • Case study – An example of requirement for change
  • Employee engagement and voice
  • Challenges of increased transparency
  • What might company secretaries consider doing now?

11. Identifying and articulating risk to the board

  • Introduction to risk principles
  • The importance to the board
  • Practical tips for engaging the board




A boardroom dilemma interactive session: The cyber ransom

An interactive session facilitated by cyber resilience specialists designed to put delegates in real-world scenarios to test their decision making processes


Horizon scan and executive summary


Drink reception

*Please note the agenda is subject to change

The page will be updated with further details on the agenda once they are confirmed.