Alison Kay

Group General Counsel & Company Secretary, National Grid

Alison was appointed Group General Counsel & Company Secretary for National Grid plc in January 2013. As such, she will be responsible for shaping the Group legal function within National Grid and providing Company secretariat support to the Boards and Committees of National Grid.

Formerly, Alison was Commercial Director, Transmission at National Grid for 4½ years working with the gas and electricity industries in the UK and Europe to influence the legal and regulatory regimes in which National Grid operates, to deliver improved efficiency and reliability, whilst facilitating security of supply for Britain.

Prior to this Alison was General Counsel and Company Secretary for National Grid Electricity Transmission plc and National Grid Gas plc until February 2008.

Alison qualified with corporate solicitors, Martineau Johnson and spent 8 years in private practice before joining National Grid Company plc in 1996.

She has extensive external industry exposure including a number of positions on European and UK Committees. From 2006 to 2011 she was Chair of the Electricity Pension Scheme from and Chaired Enabling, Grid’s Disability Network.