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Innovation & Disruption in Corporate Governance: Where Best Practices & Technology Meet?

Today’s directors face an increasing set of challenges that require new and innovative approaches to address.  This session will explore how corporate boards are adapting to this era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in the way they ensure value creation, fuel growth, and manage risk for their enterprises. This session will provide you with new perspective on how governance is evolving, and the tools and tactics company secretaries are using to help their boards meet new challenges.

We’ll touch upon topics such as:

  • Delivering obligations to stakeholders and managing risk to the wider enterprise
  • How does innovation and disruption in governance impact different sectors such as non-for-profit and regulated industries?
  • Leveraging technology as both a source of risk and opportunity for value creation
  • Engaging differently with stakeholders by adopting innovative and disruptive practices
  • Lessons learnt: The Carillion story
  • What should corporate governance principles for large private companies look like?
  • Paul George Executive Director, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting Council (FRC)
  • Dottie Schindlinger Vice President and Governance Technology Evangelist, Diligent
  • John Odada Executive Director, Assistant Corporate Secretary, Office of the Secretary EMEA, J.P. Morgan
  • Tabitha Kassem Director of Governance, Compliance and Legal, Network Homes


The portfolio career path: Expectations and approaches from the next generation to Company Secretaries and senior leaders to develop your teams

Hear from the next generation  as to what they are looking for from their careers today and how they plan to reach their aspirations alongside men and women who have reached senior positions. What can we learn from them and how will they influence the structure and culture of organisations? What are their expectations on a day-to-day level from job?

  • Why do we need to think about things differently? Characteristics of the next generation. What are their drivers and their turn offs? Are they ubiquitous? Do they vary by gender, social demographic and age of entry to the sector?
  • What are senior leaders doing to nurture young talent into senior Company Secretarial roles?
  • How do we develop great lawyers of tomorrow? How do they want to receive that information? What can we do to improve the experience of our younger talent?
  • What does a career look like today? What is the role of a senior leader?
  • Andrew Kidd Legal Director, Corporate, Specsavers
  • Peter Swabey Policy and Research Director, ICSA
  • Tori Lewis Corporate Legal Counsel , Specsavers Optical Superstores


Morning Break


The role of the Company Secretary to support effective Boardroom dynamics

How do boardroom dynamics and formal and informal decision making work to support resilience, risk, stakeholders and Directors?

  • What can you as a Company Secretary contribute, and how do you minimise friction between the board and the Executive committee?
  • Understanding the needs of a Chairman: what does he/she expect from a Company Secretary?
  • What is the business case or value that allows you to talk to the Board?
  • Delivering effective presentation, communication and negotiation skills to the board and executive committee


Breakout options

Breakout option 1: Career development: controlling your career and lessons learnt

If you want to become a Co Sec what are the skills should you be looking at individually

  • Successes and failures
  • What will the role look like in 10 years?
  • Succession planning. Where do you go? Do you come the manager of law?

Breakout option 2: Director’s duties for Company Secretaries

  • Taking stock: Where are we now and how did we get here?
  • Case study – An example of requirement for change
  • Employee engagement and voice
  • Challenges of increased transparency
  • John Odada Executive Director, Assistant Corporate Secretary, Office of the Secretary EMEA, J.P. Morgan

Breakout option 3: The evolution of the ‘agile’ Company Secretary: Creating a more dynamic and efficient workforce

As investment in technology increases, so too does individual work capacity, leading to a corresponding shift in the nature and scope of the role

How do companies require a new mind set by embracing innovation and new methods of working?

  • Agile methodology and new working practices
  • Mid-size organisations and smaller team perspectives
  • Lessons learnt
  • Ensuring agile working helps maintain the mental well being employees




Breakout options

Breakout option 1: Creating a technology road map for the Company Secretary

Companies face heightened risks, as well as increased opportunities, as a result of the rapid advance of technological innovation, but what is the role of the company secretary in assisting companies to navigate these risks and exploit these opportunities?

  • Where are we? How is technology impacting Company Secretaries, their teams and the Board room dynamic?
  • What are the limits and opportunities?
  • The people dimension: Winning the hearts and minds of your team to embrace technology
    • Working and thinking differently to safeguard your job and stay more closely aligned to the business
  • What steps do you need to do to get things off the ground? Is it best to look at existing technology across the organisation or look at outside suppliers?

Breakout option 2: GDPR: A month on Aftermath of implementation

  • Are you compliant?
  • What challenges arose during your GPDR compliance program?
  • What else do we need to do now?
  • What’s happening with the ePrivacy Regulation and the rules on direct marketing?
  • ICO feedback


Afternoon Break


Bringing diversity and inclusion to the forefront of your business strategy: Is your board fit for purpose?

  • Parker Review
  • Unconscious bias in the work place
  • Board and executive succession planning
  • Is there a clash between diversity and inclusion?
  • The remuneration committee: Ethical remuneration and gender pay gap reporting
  • Talent management


Boardroom Dilemma interactive session: Responding to a data breach

An interactive session designed to put delegates in real-world scenarios to test their decision making processes

  • Ioan Peters Associate Managing Director, Cyber Security and Investigations, Kroll
  • Effia Addo GDPR Implementation Manager, Network Homes
  • Debbie Stephenson Group Data Protection Officer, Regulatory Compliance Team, Peabody


Closing comments and summary by chair followed by drinks and networking

*Please note the agenda is subject to change

The page will be updated with further details on the agenda once they are confirmed.