Welcome from Thomson Reuters


Welcome from the Chair


The future of business and innovation


What should my technology road map look like?

  • What technology should I be looking at now, and why?


Morning Break


Breakout options

Breakout option 1: How will technology impact your role?

  • What does the increasing use of technology, automation, and data mean for knowledge lawyers and PSLs?
  • How will we recruit for the necessary skills in the future?
  • What new jobs will be created from automation and what training will be required?
  • Is there an upcoming reinvention of PSL and knowledge roles
  • How will law schools respond to incoming technology and skill needs

Breakout option 2: Intranets and making knowledge work across teams

 Upgrading and developing your intranet:

  • Satisfying multiple requirements and understanding your user story


Working with a geographically dispersed knowledge function

Breakout option 3: Knowledge is power!

 Knowledge is power!

  • The importance of engaging with people
  • Leavers, starters, retirement and the wisdom of strangers
  • Succession planning
  • Preventing knowledge loss
  • Are you a KM role model?



  • Spheres of influence and stakeholder mapping



Lunch Break


Interactive session: Collaboration games




Breakout options

Breakout option 1: Making sense of matter data

  • Matter profiling, tracking and analytics
  • Extracting knowledge from information
  • Possible use cases for AI

Breakout option 2: In-house KM and legal operations

  • Making knowledge work without the budget to support your legal function
  • Using what you’ve got to make life easier for your lawyers
  • What are good IH teams doing?
  • How can IH make use of technology and build the business case for procurement

Breakout option 3: Client expectations

  • What are people requesting?
  • Value add service requests
  • KM to increase efficiency
  • Collaboration with clients on knowledge projects
  • What is the expectation for technology spend in firms?



  • Are you speaking the same language?
  • Is legal technology part of KM or IT or both?
  • How does KM collaborate with LPMO, AI, IT marketing functions around data and other activities?
  • Interface between KM, project management office and AI and other technology?


Legal tech and start-ups

  • Changing the way we think about technology innovation
  • Rather than waiting for a “Plug-and-play” solution, how are firms accelerating innovation?
  • What are the possible business models for partnering?
  • What successes have law firms had at building their own client solutions or acquiring technology solutions for use by clients and other legal service providers?


Drinks reception

Please note the agenda is subject to change*

The page will be updated with further details on the agenda once they are confirmed.