Harriet Thrusfield

Learning & Development, Linklaters

Harriet Thrusfield is part of the Learning and Development team at Linklaters. CIPD accredited, she has an MSc in Human Resource Management, the degree which paved the way for her passion for L&D.

Harriet’s key areas of interest include differing cultural working styles and how they contribute to creating dynamic and responsive working environments. She was first exposed to this area of L&D during her dissertation, which looked at working relationships between locals and expatriates in professional service firms in Singapore. Another area of interest is in helping individuals find autonomy within their role at a junior level. She has a natural flare for helping others build their self-efficacy to a state where they can bring confidence, innovation and tenacity to their career development.

Joining the firm in the summer of 2017, she helps coordinate the running of several Junior Lawyer learning curricula, which teach associates the fundamentals for developing business critical skills. This role allows Harriet to channel her passion for helping young professionals to strive for brilliance, while equipping them with the essential skills to succeed in the ever-changing competitive global landscape.