Dr Joanna Batstone

Vice President, IBM Watson & Cloud Platform

Joanna L. Batstone, Ph.D., is the Vice President, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform, Delivery and Expert Services, based in New York City. Previously, Joanna was the Vice President and Lab Director, IBM Research – Australia and Chief Technology Officer, IBM Australia and New Zealand. Joanna has held a variety of technical and business leadership roles in IBM’s Research and Development Laboratories. She was Vice President, Architecture and Technical Solution Design, IBM Global Technology Services, based in Dublin, Ireland. Joanna was the Director for Distributed Computing in IBM Research in New York, USA, the Development Program Director for IBM’s Sensors & Actuators business unit and a Senior Technical Staff Member for IBM Software Group. She was the Senior Manager for Solutions Development in IBM’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Business Unit with responsibilities for IBM’s Life Sciences solutions for Pharma and Biotech. Joanna joined IBM in the T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY, in the Physical Sciences department.


Joanna has published over 80 papers and organized many industry conference symposia. In 2016, Joanna was appointed Honorary Enterprise Professor, University of Melbourne School of Engineering. She is a member of the Innovation Expert Panel for the Government of Victoria and serves on the NSW Data Analytics Centre Advisory Board.  


Joanna received a B.Sc., in Chemical Physics and a Ph.D., in Physics from The University of Bristol, UK, followed by postdoctoral work at AT&T Bell Laboratories, NJ, and a Lectureship in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Liverpool, UK, before joining IBM.  She received the Burton Medal from the Microscopy Society of America, the Robert Lansing Hardy Gold Medal from The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society and the  Cosslett Award from the Microbeam Analysis Society.