About the 2015 Forum

2015 saw Practical Law launch the Company Secretary Series: Unlisted companies

The event was created to address the specific challenges faced as a company secretary within a business.

As well as receiving practical advice and guidance, the attendees had fantastic opportunities to meet and network with their peers to discuss solutions to the challenges they were all facing.

Key topics of the forum addressed:

  • Good corporate governance and best practice for unlisted companies
  • What is on the horizon for unlisted companies, and what are the impacts of the new rules for company secretaries?
  • Justifying the development of good corporate governance
  • How to become influential with the board and senior executives
  • Board and committee composition and effectiveness
  • Board diversity; what is in the pipeline to ensure diversity?
  • Effectiveness and performance review
  • The perfect year in review: an expert’s guide to reporting, planning and governance for a hypothetical company

Breakout sessions included:

  • Multinational and international entities
  • IPO and Refinancing
  • Toolkit 1: Tools to Excel!
  • Accounting Standards
  • My Career
  • Toolkit 2: Negotiation and influencing external stakeholders, suppliers and clients