Peter Wallqvist

CSO and Co-Founder, RAVN Systems

Peter started his career in the information retrieval industry as a research engineer at BT Research at the turn of the millennium. From there he went to being part of delivering some of the largest and high profile search and unstructured data processing systems in the world both at organisations like Autonomy (now HP) and as an independent consultant.

He co-founded RAVN Systems in 2010 together with equally experienced scientists and engineers to build and deliver the next generations of advanced search-based cognitive computing systems, taking on the role of CSO.

In the past few years he has overseen a tectonic shift in perceptions regarding cognitive computing systems and the level of trust clients and other stakeholders are starting to put into the technology. This shift is likely to have dramatic consequences within the legal space and seldom has the word “disruptive” been more apt to use when speculating the implications for the industry.