Melanie Farquharson

Consultant, 3Kites Consulting

Melanie is a Director of 3Kites Consulting, a consultancy that works with professional services organisations, mainly in the legal sector.

Melanie is a solicitor who qualified in 1988 and was a partner at Simmons & Simmons from 1994- 2007.  Latterly she was responsible for knowledge management in the firm and became involved in a number of technology and change projects.  She has been consulting with 3Kites since 2007.

Melanie is a passionate believer in the power of technology to bring about transformation, even in a profession which is notoriously attached to established ways of working.  And she is firmly convinced that market forces will increasingly force professionals to change, by punishing inefficiency and rewarding innovation.   Technology is not always the answer, however.  Process change and the application of knowledge are equally important.

In her work at 3Kites, Melanie helps to bridge the communication gap between lawyers and technologists and assists organisations in applying solutions that professionals can readily work with. This means not only finding and implementing the right technology or identifying the right working practices, but also focusing on adoption and change management so that the organisation gets value from its investment and brings about the improvements identified.