About the 2015 Forum

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As the legal world has changed, so has the world of retail – from the number of channels and markets to the number of risks and compliance issues you need to be prepared for. This means that as the in house legal team of a retail company,
your role has expanded more than ever before. Placing the legal team at the core of the business is crucial for overall compliance and protection, but it is also important to ensure that you integrate with the wider business to maximise

So what do you need to know to stay up to date?

Knowing the law isn’t enough. The 2nd Annual Retail Law Forum is here to arm you with the practical guidance you need to tackle any situation, from back office to front of house…

New topics for 2015

  • Monitoring social media use by employees
  • Disaster recovery when it comes to your brand: putting things right
  • Ensuring your supply chain is complying to your code of conduct and ethics
  • Managing your products on secondary online markets and how to protect
  • Tackling employment headaches that come your way
  • IT contracts: what should you be doing

Learn from and be inspired by your peers, take away practical tips and share your experiences at the Retail Law Forum 2015.

Getting involved internally
Find out more about strategies for negotiating and writing IT contracts: what should you do when your contracts go to tender, how you should standardise contracts and empower your team to do the same? Follow this with how to tackle top employment including managing the range of staff that are engaged in your business, and how best to calculate
holiday pay and overtime.

Managing your supply chain: working with the various elements and ensuring they are operating ethically
Hear advice on managing your supply chain and ensuring it is done ethically: how should you be working with your distributors, offsetting risk across the supply chain, how to enforce and monitor your code of conduct and ethics, executing due diligence to ensuring ethical outsourcing and the pros and cons of joining a consortium.

Putting things right when things go wrong
There is always a fine line when it comes to engaging your customers and using their data: find out more about how far you can take your customer data, what permissions you need for different sales channels ensuring all your consents are in place, but also how best to use social media and advertising and most importantly what to manage your reputation and set things right when things go wrong.

Streamlining growth
Ensure you are up to date with the dos and don’ts of competition law, most favoured nation clauses and distribution, but also find out more about different ways to expand the business and how can you ensure you are completely prepared and compliant to different country requirements.

Attend this event to

  • Learn about how creative agencies put together their campaigns
  • Find out about the do’s and don’ts of online distribution
  • Gain insight into the legal knowledge you need while growing the business
    through franchising and acquisition
  • Network with your peers
  • Hear practical advice on what you can and can’t do with your customer data