Registration and refreshments


Chairperson’s introduction

  • James Horgan Assistant Managing Counsel, Merck Sharp & Dohme


Keynote address



  • How will the UPC benefit different sizes and types of companies?
  • What should organisations be doing now to organise their portfolios in preparation?
  • Who stands to gain the most and least following the introduction of the UPC?
  • Will the UPC favour certain sectors? How can you utilise this to your advantage


Morning refreshments


THEME 1: the impact of technology on patentable subject matter

Please choose one of the following sessions

A shift in focus: from molecules to stem cells and biosimilars

  • How have technological innovations changed IP strategy?
  • What’s the future of patenting in the life sciences sector?
  • David Brindley Research Fellow (Healthcare Translation), Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation
  • MacKenna Roberts IP Adviser, Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation
  • Ian Bingham Owner, IP Asset

The future of software patenting

  • Case update
  • What are the options for filing your software patent? What are the risks and benefits involved?
  • How might the UPC affect the UKIPO approach to software patenting?


THEME 2: working in a competitive market

Please choose one of the following sessions

Using FRAND licensing to suit your business

  • Case update
  • What is an unwilling licensee?
  • Competition interface

Taking advantage of second medical use patents

  • Case update
  • The international perspective
  • The checklist: ‘legitimate commercialisation’
  • Fiona Bor Former Vice President and Director of IP, Mylan Pharmaceuticals
  • David Rose Partner, King & Wood Mallesons




THEME 3: techniques for maximising profit

Please choose one of the following sessions

Effectively utilising supplementary protection certificates

  • Case update
  • What are the real implications?
  • How do you draft your patents differently in light of these changes?

Organising your portfolio to capitalise on the UK Patent Box regime

  • What do the changes mean for businesses in the UK?
  • How can you organise your patents to take full advantage of the regime?
  • Case study: what does patent box mean in practice for in-house counsel?


Mind and machine: using big data and risk management for portfolio management

  • Development in IP analytics: how can you utilise analytics tools to assess your portfolio?
  • Big data solutions for identifying IP risk and value
  • Using business and competitive intelligence to make better decisions
  • Working towards the optimum IP risk management process
  • What are the risks your portfolio faces and where do they come from?
  • Implementing innovative solutions to handle risk
  • How can you ensure you’re properly mitigating IP risks?


Afternoon refreshments


Protecting and enforcing your patents

  • Litigation options and court procedures
  • How to handle NPEs


Closing remarks