Registration and coffee


Introduction from Thomson Reuters and the Chairman


Plenary 1 – Calibrating the Risk Appetite of Your Organisation as a Whole

  • How should you go about prioritising risks and setting the risk appetite for the business
  • Bringing risk alive in the Boardroom
  • Bottom up, top down risk profiling
  • Ensuring you have the right tools, resources and competencies to deliver your risk strategy
  • Louis Cooper CEO, NEDA
  • Dominic Bacon General Counsel – Head of Legal and Compliance, Dabbl Group
  • Jacqueline Conway Group Risk & Compliance Director, Vodafone
  • Ellie Doohan Founder, Ellie Doohan and Associates;, Former Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer, EMEA, Walmart


Plenary 2 – Embedding Your Risk Management Programme and Plan for the Business

  • Developing a culture that embraces compliance
  • The responsibility of individual requirements – what it means to be proactive? What needs to change to ensure your plan is delivered?
  • Collaborative working – examples of where this has worked well and where it’s failed – and why
  • Tone from the top – leadership’s role in setting the tone for risk in the business
  • What it means to be a good leader and keeping the dynamic alive day to day
  • Risk management processes and tools


Morning break


Plenary 3 – Responding to the Challenges in Cyber Security, Working Practices and Culture

  • How can you protect your company’s defences and corporate reputation against cyber sabotage, whilst at the same time enabling a modern workforce?
  • How do different functions increase / decrease risk – who drives policy?
  • Training: oversight of protective / defensive tools
  • Using AI to help manage human risks and support industry standards


Plenary 4 – Tackling Geopolitical Turbulence and Its Impact on Risk

  • Calculating the impact of current geopolitical changes, including Brexit, Trump and Populism
  • How do you plan for the long-term?
  • How do you remain flexible?
  • Legal framework for the insurance of political risk




Breakout sessions

A choice of one of the following options

Option 1: Preparing for GDPR Compliance

  • Having formulated your plan, what controls do you need to have in place?
  • How “ready” does the Information Commissioner (IC) expect you to be in May 2018?
  • Does the IC recognise the idea of “continuous improvement”?
  • Future planning and long-term impact of the GDPR on your business – what are the likely pitfalls?
  • Enhanced programme compliance implementation challenges
  • Steve Coope Lead Regulatory and Compliance Counsel, Orange

Option 2: Preparing for and Managing Investigations and Dawn Raids

  • If a company comes under investigation by a regulator, what practical steps can it take to protect itself and its reputation?
  • Putting in place systems and processes to prepare for dawn raids and internal investigations should they become necessary
  • Managing employee expectations during an internal investigation
  • Is an internal investigation covered by LPP post the ENRC decision?  What are the implications of this decision?
  • Self-reporting, DPAs and cooperation in the context of a criminal investigation


Breakout sessions

Option 3: Using AI and Legal Providers to support In-house Teams

  • Streamlining contract reviews with AI technology
  • Using AI to create legal templates for contract drafting
  • Streamlining self-service options for low risk, low value work
  • Law firms, GC and law firm combo, or managed service solutions – which model should you use to get the work done?

Option 4: Anti-Bribery Risk Management and Sanctions Risk

  • What’s now required in light of ISO 37001?
  • Extortion and employee safety risks in high risk jurisdictions – how much direction, guidance and instruction is required to get the balance right?
  • Country hot spots; red flags; approvals in key countries
  • New sanctions enforcement powers in the UK


Afternoon break


Plenary 5 – Implications of Regulatory Changes in Whistleblowing

  • FCA – Whistleblowing and the SMCR, the Whistleblowing Champion , the Barclays case
  • CMA – new incentives for individuals to blow the whistle
  • Local regulators around the world – key differences


Keynote Address

Identifying and Minimising the Impact of Future Risks

  • How do you identify the next “black swan” for your business?
  • Using STEEP to identify risks
  • Broad overview of what potentially lies ahead
  • Extreme risks


Chair’s closing remarks and summing up


Close of conference followed by drinks reception

Please note the agenda is subject to change*

The page will be updated with further details on the agenda once they are confirmed.