Registration and Coffee


Welcome and Introductions


Opening and Keynote session: The law firm in 2025?

Theme 1: The State of the Game


The changing nature of the legal landscape: the law firm perspective

The Law Firm Structure

  • Death of the partnership
  • Successes and failures of ABS organisations
  • What is the future for ABS organisations 
  • Should we all be incorporating?
  • The effects of restructuring under new HMRC tax changes for LLPs

Running the Business

  • Business disaggregation- what is it and what’s happening?
  • Business processes- what do we do and where do we start?
  • Will law firms ever be willing to professionalise?
  • Is the hourly rate dead? Why the secrecy?

The Changing Nature of the Lawyer

  • Changing expectations and ways of working
  • What are the skill sets and attributes of the modern lawyer?
  • What about flexible time? Are we on a four day week? Are we working smarter or less?
  • Can or should lawyers switch off?


Coffee Break


The changing nature of the legal landscape: the client perspective

Your in-house legal department and spend

  • What are the priorities in your legal department?
  • In-house criteria when determining external legal spend
  • With the recovering economy, is there still pressure on fees? Does the “more for less” model still apply, or should the legal industry revert back to old ways of working?

External Advisors

  • What do in-house clients look for when choosing their external counsel?
  • Which service to use: Private Practice vs Specialist Boutique Firm vs ABS
  • Are law firms changing quickly enough for you?
  • What other change needs to happen?
  • Real life examples of how traditional firms have changed (good and bad)

The in-house function in itself

  • Internal innovation
  • Does the in-house function also need to change?

Theme 2: Increasing your Firm’s Efficiency


Using innovation to create efficiencies in the law firm model

Resource Management

  • New ways of resourcing and workload management
  • Working with remote lawyers: choosing your extended legal team and how you should be working with them

Your Clients

  • Working collaboratively with clients to foster innovation


  • Using technology to change the process of how to conduct law and increase efficiency
  • How can IT foster collaboration between different business groups?
  • Managing and reducing IT overheads
  • Denise Nurse Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Halebury
  • Nigel Rea Head of Strategic Development, Olswang




Break out sessions:

Delegates are invited to attend one of the following interactive breakout sessions on the topic that best suits their needs.

Financial Practical Tips Marketing and Brand Management Managing your Firm
  • Working more profitably and maximising resources
  • The importance of improving your billing service
  • How to measure law firm success- what measures should be used?
  • Defining ROI metrics
  • Risk & Compliance: expensive but necessary
  • Combatting downward pressure on fees
  • Differentiating your brand to stand out from the crowd
  • Using social media to shape public opinion and strengthen relationships with clients
  • Increasing client engagement and retention to fortify existing client relations
  • Value add programs: what should you be providing for your clients?
  • The realities of running a law firm
  • Maintaining focus and direction throughout the firm
  • Partner behavior and performance
  • Keeping engagement across multiple offices


Coffee Break

Theme 3: Working as a Business


The changing model for education, training, and career opportunities for lawyers

  • Where should you be hiring from? Looking at entry into the legal profession
  • Transforming the everyday lawyer into a businessperson
  • Partner remuneration
  • Performance management of partners: a necessary process?
  • Next steps for Managing Partners: career progression you should be looking out for

Theme 4: Standing out from the Crowd


Staying competitive in today’s increasingly global market

  • Best practice to ensure stability and financial robustness whilst staying adaptable
  • Non-key firms: tactics and techniques that businesses use to get ahead
  • Keeping up with the market and business intelligence
  • Nurturing a growing international network
  • How one develops offices abroad
  • Potential areas for firm differentiation


Closing Comments and End of the Forum