Registration and breakfast


Chairperson’s welcome and introductions


Keynote: A forward look at the Insurance industry

  • What will the industry look like in 5-10 years’ time?
  • What impact will technology have on the industry?


Understanding and preparing for changes in the consumer landscape

  • How will generational differences change the way the business sells insurance?
  • What is the business doing in response to other changes in customer behaviour?
  • How is technology changing the way consumers shop?
  • How is regulation changing and influencing the consumer approach?
  • Where is the law advancing to meet the challenges and where does it remain deficient?


Networking tea/coffee break


Breakout sessions

A choice of one of the following options

Breakout option 1: Embracing digital transformation

  • AI and machine learning for automation
  • Embedding technology to the way you assess risk, underwrite business, gather data and cross-sell products
  • Innovation strategy and the future
  • Paul Taffinder Director of Innovation and Strategy, MS Amlin
  • Sarah Pozner Head of Legal, Group, Digital & Data Protection, Aviva

Breakout option 2: Cyber security and crisis management

  • How to tackle the increased feasibility of data breaches?
  • Preparing for regulatory action and consumer complaints in the aftermath of a data breach.
  • What part does in house counsel play when dealing with crisis?
  • Brice Schwey Senior Privacy and Data Protection Manager, RSA
  • Joseph Ahern Policy Adviser, General Insurance, Association of British Insurers




Breakout sessions

A choice of one of the following options

Breakout option 3: Creating efficiency within the legal department

  • Empowering other parts of the business to do more
  • Balance between internal and external work: What should be done internally and what can be done more efficiently by external lawyers?
  • Technology as a support: The use of smart contracts and AI software in assessing risk

Breakout option 4: Coming into scope with the compliance landscape

  • SMCR: How are procedures changing and how does that affect the legal department?
  • What impact will implementation have on the way you deal with employees and how employment issues are dealt with?
  • Whistle blowing: addressing incidents and understanding the role of the Whistleblowing champion
  • Guidance on the different interpretations of governance


Afternoon break


Brexit: Where are we, what to expect and how to further prepare?


The rise of InsurTech and its place in the business

  • Should businesses prepare to invest or compete?
  • Which models to follow when investing
  • Implications and risks to prepare for
  • What can the in house counsel bring to the table?


Chairperson’s closing comments followed by drinks and canapé reception

*Please note the agenda is subject to change

The page will be updated with further details on the agenda once they are confirmed.