About the 2015 Forum

Are we as important a contributor to the UK economy as we would like to think? More importantly what do our customers and brokers want from us? These are the primary challenges and issues faced by major insurance executives, including GCs. These challenges are equally relevant whether you’re a broker, insurer or re-insurer. They offer the key to future profitability for those who make the right strategic, investment, organisational and operational changes.

We are delighted to bring you Practical Law’s 2nd Annual Insurance Law Forum following the success of last year’s event. Our esteemed Advisory Board has developed a programme that takes into account what you want to hear about.

This forum will cover what impact current and future regulation will have on the UK and European insurance market and the repercussions on your role. It will give you practical strategies implemented by GCs as to how they adapt with an insurance landscape in flux, how they hone their risk capabilities and will offer you examples of how to focus on the customer in order to maintain competitive advantage.

Why attend?

  • Embrace industry trends and changing marketing dynamics and understand what it means for you and the strategic implications for your business
  • Hear perspectives from  key stakeholders and partners across the industry including  brokers, insurers and the experiences of working with the regulators
  • Understand regulator developments and stay one step ahead of the game