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Chairperson’s welcome and introductions

Bruce Macmillan, Director, RPC Centre for Legal Leadership


KEYNOTE: Impacts of Brexit in the legal world

Sir Paul Jenkins KCB QC (Hon), Associate Member, Matrix Chambers


Talk to your GC and CEO – A practical approach to Brexit: how to plan the next two years of your business

  • Putting in place the resources to manage the regulatory changes
  • Dealing with any potential business risks
  • Living in a world of uncertainty – What to do to stabilise your business


Bruce Macmillan, Director, RPC Centre for Legal Leadership


Fergus Speight, General Counsel, Royal London Group

Daniel van Binsbergen, CEO, LEXOO


Morning refreshments


Breakout sessions

Please choose one of the following options

Option 1 – Data protection

  • The potential impact of Brexit on the GDPR
  • The key changes to be brought in by the GDPR
  • The practical steps SMEs must be taking in order to comply with the GDPR
  • The fines, penalties and compensation for failing to comply with the GDPR
  • How to prepare for mandatory data breach notification with practical examples

Option 2 – Risk management and regulation

  • How are you dealing with the volume, complexity and uncertainty of regulatory changes
  • Adapting to business priorities – Risk management


Breakout sessions

Please choose one of the following options

Option 1 – Share your success: Technology and infrastructure that is worth investing in

  • Getting the budget approved
  • Changing the mind-set of the board and your team  – how can technology save you both time and resources
  • Innovative use of technology within legal teams


Karen Ngo, Head of In-House – Legal UK & Ireland, Thomson Reuters


Andrew Dey, Independent Legal Technology Advisor for Corporate Legal

Jonathan Knight, Head of Software Services, Board Intelligence


Option 2 – Playing to the gallery – adapting and maximising your communication skills in different GC environments from board rooms to training sessions

  • Methods of communicating key points in a document – to people used to technical language and to those who glaze over at the word ‘contract’ (summaries, visual aids, diarized deadlines, follow up sessions)
  • Translating into legal lease: shaping ‘marketing speak’ or ‘IT speak’ into watertight clauses
  • Asking the right questions to the right people
  • Meetings vs e-mails




People manager: we aren’t just lawyers, we are senior leaders

  • Working with/integrating temporary professionals
  • Motivating, inspiring and encouraging junior team members
  • Retaining talent
  • Evolving the team resourcing discussion from ‘more from less’ to ‘adequate resources for agreed legal deliverables
  • Leading by example and managing change


Sharifa Lakhani, Managing Director, Holmes Care Group



Protecting the IP assets of your business

  • Registration, confidentiality provisions and other protective measures
  • Dealing with infringers


Ciara Cullen, Partner, RPC


Giovanna Milia, General Counsel, Jamie Oliver Group

Stephen Godsell, Group General Counsel & Company Secretary, PA Group


Afternoon refreshments


Case study: What is your legal team strategy

  • What is strategy and why is it relevant for a legal team?
  • How to define a legal strategy within the wider business strategy
  • How can the GC help define the wider business strategy
  • How do you measure it and refine it?
  • When to reach out to external advisors to supplement in-house talent and knowledge – without breaking the bank


Bruce Macmillan, Director, RPC Centre for Legal Leadership



Horizon scanning: what are the upcoming legal and commercial changes and developments?

  • Keep ahead of potential issues – how to prepare and plant to mitigate their effects
  • Improve your business awareness
  • Improve your knowledge in order to support your business risk management


Bruce Macmillan, Director, RPC Centre for Legal Leadership


  • Daniel Greenberg General Editor - Annotated Statutes & Insight at Westlaw UK, Thomson Reuters
  • Grainne Brankin General Counsel and Company Secretary, Centaur


Chairperson’s closing comments followed by drinks and canapé reception