Becoming an innovative GC during times of change


Registration and Coffee


Introduction from Thomson Reuters and Chairperson


KEYNOTE: The business political landscape in flux: what it means for corporate governance?

  • How to plan the next 2 years of your business


Fireside chat: Corporate Governance in practice


Preparing for and embracing GDPR to drive your business forward

  • May 2018 deadline – where should you be now if you want to be compliant?
  • Preparing the business to understand what it needs to do with its data to enable to move forward: Putting good structure around data
  • Managing cyber in light of GDPR
  • What makes your company a target for cyber crime?


Morning coffee


A practical guide to innovation

Hear from GCs from different industries and differing sized teams what innovation means to them. Find out and what methods they have used to secure more effective results

  • What does innovation meant to you?
  • What does the digital transformation mean for you, your team and your business?
  • How do you build the business case to get support for change?
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid?


Breakout sessions

A choice of one of the following options

The role of the innovative GC in setting up a future-proof and mobile legal infrastructure

The innovative GC ensures his team is fully empowered and able to continue the legacy of the team despite constant change. That means starting with an accurate assessment of the business needs and what it is looking for.

  • Ensuring there is sufficient information available at all times regardless of workforce demographics and geography
  • Enabling people to learn and develop efficiently
  • Communicating with internal clients and stakeholders
  • Managing a disparate workforce or more global workforce and how do you communicate a workforce of millennial to late 50s’s and 60s in a different ways
  • Managing succession planning and the departure of staff

Practical media training for GCs: Becoming a powerful communicator during times of crisis

NEW to our GC series

We have brought you the opportunity to attend this unique 1 hour workshop that will give you the confidence to cope when cameras and microphones are put in front of you. When news breaks, your sound bite counts and you need to get it right.

  • Exercises on good and poor communication
  • Learn how to handle enquiries and interviews skilfully
  • Structuring messages and dealing with emerging threats and crisis situations
  • Managing social media during times of crisis

Effective communication skills to influence across the business

This session will enable to you to:

  • Become a better leader and communicator who is more effective at dealing with a broad range of stakeholders and ready to handle a wider range of challenges
  • Ask the right questions to the right people
  • Understand the interests, priorities, and goals of all parties
  • Deal with irrational people and challenging relationships


Buffet lunch


Breakout sessions

A choice of one of the following options

Getting the timing right: Shaking up and influencing government policy during times of change

  • When is it in my interest to influence government policy?
  • Providing an overview of how government is planning to engage with business as it shapes the path forward in light of Brexit
  • Do GCs have sufficient influence? What more should they be doing to make a difference?
  • How should GCs be setting up lobbying practice with limited funding?

Talking tech: Finding the right technology and opportunities to suit your business needs

This session will enable you to better understand how you select the right technology for your business and understand the opportunities available.

Hear 5 minutes each from each tech providers who will:

  • Demystify what they do, describe where are they are in their customer journey and offer user case studies


Breakout sessions

A choice of one of the following options

Innovation through effective insourcing versus outsourcing: how and what do you choose?

Legal departments are innovating – shifting some reliance away from outside counsel by deploying a combination of technology, alternative legal providers and bulked-up internal staff to meet the needs of their business

  • What work to take in house and why?
  • How to rely on technology for in-house work and outsourcing?
  • Do you know what services are available?
  • Examining law firms that have developed flexible working and peer point
  • How to get the most of your legal panel and other service providers

The role of the GC in managing risk, compliance and regulation in order to facilitate sustainable growth

  • Embracing it and using it to your best advantage
  • Compliance perspective and how it is managed internally
  • The role of the GC in differentiating perceived risk and real risk in order to facilitate growth


Afternoon tea


Breakout sessions

A choice of one of the following options

Horizon Scanning

74% of CEO’s cited geo-political uncertainty, making it the 2nd biggest threat to business growth according to PWC’s Annual Global CEO Survey.

Find out what upcoming risks and opportunities you need to prepare for. Insight provided by senior partners of law firms from the UK, Netherlands and Germany.

Brexit Legal Round-Up with multi-jurisdictional perspective on:

  • Choice of Law and Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgements
  • Employment, Immigration & Pensions
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Handbook on Legal Implications of Brexit to takeaway

Developing your legal team strategy with limited resources

  • What is strategy and why is it relevant for a legal team?
  • How to define a legal strategy within the wider business strategy
  • How can the GC help define the wider business strategy?
  • How do you measure it and refine it?
  • When to reach out to external advisors to supplement in-house talent and knowledge


Innovation round-up


Summary from the Chair followed by canapés and networking

Please note the agenda is subject to change*

The page will be updated with further details on the agenda once they are confirmed.