Tash Whitaker

Senior Consultant, Whitaker Solutions

Tash started her career managing master data, implementing governance and protecting data privacy in the days when Mark Zuckerberg was still writing BASIC on his Atari and GDPR was not yet a four letter word. With over 20 years of experience with Dun & Bradstreet, Cisco and Moorcrofts LLP, Tash now uses her knowledge and experience to guide organisations through their data privacy journey, offering consultancy, advice, and training, as well as data privacy as a service.

Tash has a reputation for making the impossible seem simple and turning regulatory legalese into something that can be understood and implemented by all. She is direct, to the point, and importantly, gets things done.

A life changing accident two years ago has done nothing to subdue her passion for all things data but has left her with the belief that we can’t do things alone, and we should do our upmost to support others.* With a sound educational background (BA (Hons) CIPP/E, CIPM and a DPO certification from Maastricht University, Faculty of Law), Tash shares her thought leadership by speaking at conferences, industry forums and learns from her extensive LinkedIn network of like-minded professionals.

*It has also left her with a Harry Potter scar, which makes her easy to recognise at networking events!